Chairman’s Message

In the twenty-first century, long gone was the pursuit of economic growth merely in terms of figures. Rather, it is about living up to the ideals and values of the time, including environmental protection, wellness and community. In recent years, I have been devoted to the transformation of family business. Apart from business expansion and diversification, the idea of creating shared value has always been on my mind. I seek to enhance corporate management, support different sectors to launch social innovation projects, and advance the social development of Hong Kong. Just like a ripple, I hope to bring to the community our corporate culture of making positive influences and bold changes. I strive to encourage community empowerment, facilitate commercial and social integration, and pursue sustainable development. These aspirations are the very reason why I set up SYNC Foundation.

Hong Kong is now in the face of unprecedented challenges where many people want to break through and find their place in the professional world or in life. Rooted in Hong Kong, SYNC Foundation positions itself to engage globally, with the mission of driving social reform and development. We strive to tap into the potential of people of all ages, by encouraging collaboration and for building a better life together.

I believe in the potential of people. There are infinite possibilities of what one could achieve. SYNC Foundation will adhere to the business philosophy of Stan Group which is to strive for mutual benefit of the group and the community. We will collaborate with stakeholders from different walks of life with the commitment to creating shared value for all.

Stan Tang

SYNC Foundation


to support various senior care services, genro-technologies and health-aging solutions.


to support youth development and social mobility through education and empowerment.


to establish and serve as a resources platform for cross-sectoral collaborations.


as a core value to shape and guide our commitments in cultivating positive impact.

Scope of Services

Provide financial subsidy to projects benefit to elderly, youth, disadvantaged and minority groups;
- Offer donation to projects or activities with social impact;
- Venue sponsorship to events and activities with charity purposes;
- In-kind sponsorship, products or services for free or on discount.
-Support academic research and evidence-based practices with social impact.
Provide direct services to cope with society needs in non-profit basis.
As a resources platform to cultivate cross-sectoral collaborations.