Granting Scheme

Granting Scheme

Sports Power

Sports Power” is a funding scheme set up and administrated by SYNC Foundation, to support project initiatives in promoting physical and mental health of youth, to empower youth to build positive identity, leadership, teamwork, self-discipline, integrity and accountability through sports and exercises.

Scope of Fund

The application shall be fulfilling the objectives of the following categories:

01 Promote physical and developmental benefits of sports for youth
02 Turn sports into business with passion and energy;
03 Empower young citizens and sector practitioners to enhance community health;
04 Promote development and adoption of sports nutrition to improving athletic performance;
05 Support ex- or retired athletes in youth coaching, knowledge-transfer and career transformation.

Types of Fund and Eligibilities

* The lead applicant (project in-charge) must be an eligible individual aged above 18 permanent residents.

Judging Criteria


Score Weighting %

Expected impact to targeted beneficiaries

Feasibility and implementation



Quality of submission and presentation


Score Weighting %

Rationale and potential impact


Project design

Quality of submission and presentation

Application Procedures

Download Forms and Templates

Upload Application

Submit On-line

Screening Procedures

Document Check-list

A completed application shall contain the following documents and item(s):

  Template of Project Proposal (PDF) (WORD)

  Budget (click to download Template)

  1-minute pitching video

  Registration / Relevant Document(s)

Registration document(s) e.g. Business Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporate, the Memorandum of Association or the Articles of Association etc.;

Other relevant supporting document(s) if applicable, i.e. proofing document of in-kind contribution, organisational chart, team members’ credential, past track record of the organisation, company and / or that of the project.


The Secretariat reserves the rights to request on supplementary information when necessary.

Notes to Applicant

  1. The Secretariat will send an acknowledgement to the Application upon receipt of an application;
  2. The Secretariat may seek clarification of the proposal or supplementary information when necessary;
  3. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to “Pitching Day”, present the project idea to the Judging Panel;
  4. The Judging Panel may require the applicant(s) to address any queries and comments raised by the Panel, and submit the revised proposal and relevant materials to the Secretariat;
  5. The decision made by the Judging Committee is final;
  6. The successful applicant(s) will enter into with SYNC Foundation the Fund Agreement (the Agreement) with corresponding terms and conditions;
  7. A lump-sum or the first instalment of Fund will normally be disbursed within four weeks upon signing the Agreement.
Read the “Application Guide” for details.


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